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Finals Week Self-Care

Hi friends!

So if you're like me and you're on the tail end finishing up your semester, whether that be undergraduate, graduate or even law school it can be tough to balance everything. This past week alone I had four presentations, an exam, two sorority engagements and a plethora of group project meetings. 

Saying it was rough is an understandment, but I made it through. In fact I'd say I made it through even better than I have in some semesters. Remind me to tell y'all the chicken nugget story from my freshman year. But I think what truly made all the difference was that this year I made a concious decesion to talk care of myself through this busy time. I'm not going to say it's the easiest thing to do, but it was well worth it in the end.

1. Find time to eat

One of my worst habits is forgetting to eat whenever I get too busy. It's such an awful habit because sometimes I'll get to the end of the day and realize I've only eaten once. At first I didn't believe that not eating was all that bad, until I realized that lightheadedness and shaky hands is no way to study, take an exam or really to do anything else. To combat this habit, I started setting timers throughout the day that reminded me to have a snack or grab lunch. I truly think all my presentations went so much better beacuse I wasn't literally running on vapors.

2. Take study breaks

When you're in the middle of a busy season it can be incredibly difficult to feel like you can take a break. I'm incredibly prone to working myself hours on end without once taking a break, well not this finals season! Study breaks can look different for everyone, maybe your thing is taking time out to watch a quick show on Netflix or read a book. For me I made an effort to go work out for at least an hour almost everyday. it was an amazing way to blow off steam and still feel like I was at least somewwhat in control of my schedule.

3. Run your work by someone else

So this one is a bit more of a grades tip, but I've found when you've been staring at something for so long it can be really easy to think it looks a lot better than it actually does.  For instance, this past week I put together a powerpoint I thought for sure that I was ready to present only to do a run through and find out it was full of typos. So do yourself a favor and allow people to check your work. It'll only help in the long run!

I truly hope these tips will help you get through your busy finals season! I'll see ya soon with a new post.

Until next time,

Add a little shimmer to your holiday

Christmas is right around the corner which means holiday parties, photo-ops with your friends and so many reasons to need a new outfit. But I know that at least for me it isn't always practical to buy a new outfit for every occasion, no matter how much I may want to. But there isn't anything wrong with adding a fun new pair of earrings or a chic jacket to the mix every once in a while. So I've rounded up my favorite under 50 dollar accessories for your next holiday event.

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I hope you enjoy these fun holiday options!
Until Next Time,

Bay Area Babe, A San Francisco Recap

If you follow me on Instagram, which shameless plug you should, then you'll know I just came home from San Fransico. My mom, aunt and I headed west to celebrate my mom's "27th" birthday and have a little break before the rush of the holidays. Not only was I extremely excited to hang out with two of my favorite women, but I'd long considered a move to the Bay Area post-grad so I couldn't wait to see the city. Well, we had a blast. From walking nearly 60,000 steps in just over three days, to the amazing winery tour it was such a fun weekend. So as always, I've got some recommendations for you.

Where to stay:

The Palace Hotel
This is where we stayed and it was right in the heart of downtown and within walking distance to literally everything. Not to mention there was a Ghiradelli's Chocolate shop in the hotel and you don't even want to know how many peppermint hot chocolates I had. It's an addiction. Additionally, they have an absolutely beautiful lobby lounge area that has live music on the weekends. I had a cocktail down here and felt oh so fancy. And to top it off literally the entire hotel staff was so kind.

The Ritz Carlton
Now we didn't actually stay here but it was within walking distance from our hotel so we peeked in to see the Christmas decorations. Another gorgeous, super festive option for this time of year. I also read that they have the coolest rooftop lounge you can hang out on.

Where to eat:

Okay, technically this one is in Napa so you'll have to drive a bit. But the food is well worth it. My mom and I both had the halibut with Brussel sprouts and it was so good we wanted seconds. Everything was seasoned to perfection and just the perfect portion. I'd recommend the botanist cocktail, halibut, and the eggplant ravioli.

La Boulangerie de San Francisco
The sweetest little bakery with lattes that are quite literally served in a goblet. Y'all it was the size of my face and I drunk every sip. I'd recommend the egg and arugula sandwich, vanilla bean latte with oat milk and the quiche. Take my word for it, it was delicious.

What to do:

Visit the Robert Mondavi Winery
Again, this is another Napa recommendation so maybe my first suggestion should be to go to Napa. So after you go to Napa, which is about an hour outside of San Francisco, you should stop by the Robert Mondavi Winery. The winery itself is on a massive amount of land and so incredibly beautiful. While there, we got to go on a super informative tour of the grounds, tasted the wine that made Robert Mondavi's career and had snacks right in the middle of the winery at golden hour.

Visit Chinatown
The first day we were in San Fran, we took the chance to head down to Chinatown. It's sort of wild that an area so completely engrossed in another culture lives right in the heart of San Fransico. It's about a ten-minute walk from downtown and there's so many places to eat, shop and explore. We ended up picking up the cutest robes from Kim + Ono.

And there you have it, a recap of my trip to SF! I hope you enjoyed, and please feel free to DM if you need any more suggestions for your next bay area trip!

Until next time,