I am NOT perfect, and that's okay.

When I first started this blog, I promised myself that it'd be authentic.  I told myself I'd post whatever I wanted no matter how many reads they got, but even I've fallen into the trap of only posting things because I know they'll get more views or likes. I've fallen deep into the cycle of comparison and deleting things I love because people aren't responding well, and feeling insecure instead of empowered when I see other women excelling. Deep into the trap of telling myself I am unworthy.

The funny thing about blogging and social media is that it can easily become a double edged sword. I've seen firsthand how easily it can bring people together for a common purpose, but in the same flick of the finger, it can tear someone else to shreds. And honestly, I've let it. Even before I started blogging I was already extremely hard on myself. I like to give everything I do 110%, I'm either amazing at it or I hate it and don't do it.

I took this mindset into blogging, I set myself up with tragically unrealistic expectations, and then when I couldn't meet them I felt like I'd failed myself.  I'd look at other blogger's social media and feel less than because I didn't look as thin as they did, or drive a fancy car like they did, or jet set like they did. And that's absolutely crazy.

The whole point of me starting this blog was to pursue something I was passionate about and learn more about an industry I'd like to work in one day.  Not to give me anxiety, and low self-esteem. My self-validation shouldn't come from my social media handles.

I can't say as of writing this post, I've got it all figured out because trust me I don't. There's still plenty for me to figure out, and lot's of self-improvement to do. But you know what they say, the first step to solving a problem is to admit that you have one. Because here's the thing, I'm not the clothes I wear, or the car I drive, or the amount of followers I have. I have so much more to offer this world than that. And so do you.

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Stay Golden

I remember being enthralled by these shorts the moment I saw them. Something about the coppery color made me want to add them to my cart immediately. Then when I finally tried them on, I absolutely adored the fit. Something y'all may not know about me is that I am SO picky about the shorts I wear.  I've been graced with full thighs and a slim waist so finding a pair that fits well is always a struggle. But I loved the way these were loose through the thigh and had a drawstring so that I could tighten the waistband. I was smitten.

I paired the shorts with these lady-like white Zara top to tone down the bright shorts, and finished the look off with some Jack Rogers.  A winner for sure.

Top: exact sold out // similar //similar // 
Shoes: // exact // similar // similar //
Earrings: // exact // similar // similar

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Gal Goes Gingham

Y'all I am head over heels for gingham making a comeback. It's my all time favorite trend, and I've been wearing it non-stop. Which is why when I saw this fun little crop from Zara, I figured why not. I'm not usually a big fan of crop tops because they tend to make me feel a tad insecure. But I love, love, love this one. Paired with some sandals, or even some fun shorts it's definitely a winner. 

Top: // exact // similar // similar
Pants: // exact // similar // similar
Shoes: // exact //similar //similar
Earrings: // exact //similar // similar

Let me know how you feel about the gingham trend, and if you have any fun gingham pieces I should try!

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Almost It Girl Launch Party

This past weekend I invited all of my sweetest girlfriends over for a little celebration of Almost It Girl. I've been blogging for a little under a month now, and I really wanted to celebrate how far this little hobby of mine has come in such a short time. With the help of my event savvy mom, we pulled together an adorable little celebration.

We wanted to capture my personality, and the personality I've given to the blog so we went for lots of light pinks, golds, and rustic touches. One of my favorite details was the adorable little flower arrangements my grandmother made with mason jars. 

Wanting to create a space that felt warm, intimate and inviting we kept the decorations simple. Balloons, hanging ornaments, and this sign we had made from a blown up image of my business cards.  

On to the food! For the main entree, we had the cutest little mac & cheese bar that turned out to be a huge hit. Using berries, and mint we came up with this tasty signature drink that went like hotcakes. And this cake, with minimalistic frosting, and all its flowers I couldn't stop staring and neither could my friends. 

Clad in their prettiest whites my friends declared the party a huge hit, and I couldn't be more thrilled with it. It was truly the best way to celebrate Almost It Girl, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for it.

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A Trip to the Farmer's Market

The worst thing you can do during a Texas summer is wear pants. I'm a dress person most of the time anyway, but definitely during the summer time. So when I saw this little beauty while perusing the J.Crew website, I knew I had to have it. This breezy dress was the perfect piece for my trip to The Dallas Farmer's Market, and I know I'll be getting a ton of use out of it because it's super versatile. For an easy look, pair it with sandals like I did, dress it up with heels, or even make it super casual with white sneakers. This dress is to die for, and not going to lie it made me feel a lot like a modern day Disney princess.

Dress: // exact // similar // similar
Shoes: // exact // similar // similar
Earrings: //exact // similar // 

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Just call me bag lady

There is nothing I love more than a good, versatile carry-all bag. I'm the type of girl who likes to carry her whole life with her, so I need a bag that's up for the job. I found this bag in the most adorable local boutique that sadly doesn't have a website.

But don't you worry, I've got you covered. I've rounded up my top five favorite brown leather, or vegan leather totes.

// 01 // 02 // 03 // 04 // 05

I hope you enjoyed this quick little post, and that from these you can find your go-to summer bag! If you end up purchasing any of these, use the hashtag Almost It Girl to let me see it!

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The Internship Series: How do I land one?

Welcome back, friends! So in the last post in this series, we talked about popular myths surrounding having an internship. But now that you've got realistic expectations, I thought you might want to know how to find one!

First things, first. Figure out what general field you're looking at. The easiest way to do this is just to look at your major! Are you a biology major? Let's start with that.

There are tons of website out there to make it a lot easier to find companies looking for interns. I've compiled a list of my favorites below!


You can find so many internships through indeed. It's really quite amazing how huge Indeed's internship inventory is. The platform is easy to use, and all you have to know what industry and area you're looking for then voila! You've got tons of internships at your fingertips You're also able to upload your resume, and a cover letter to expedite the application process! Then after you kill your internships, and graduate Indeed also helps you find a job! It's so incredibly easy. But I will say this, keep in mind that some internships aren't always what they appear. Do your research, avoid anything that sounds even remotely sketchy.


This website is pretty similar to Indeed, but maybe with a few more bells and whistles. But the concept behind it is essentially the same. You type in your area, and your field of interest and you're good to go. The only downside to this website? I don't feel like it's updated as frequently as Indeed.

Intern Queen

Lauren Berger is quite literally goals. The platform she's built through her website Intern Queen is truly awe-inspiring. From internships to career tips to events I could spend hours combing through that website.  10/10 would recommend using Intern Queen for your hunt, but beware you might get a little distracted. I know I always do.

But what else?

 Apart from using these websites, I'd suggest lots of emailing and persistence. I remember going to a career conference at my school, and a speaker said...

 "If the doors you want aren't open, then open them yourself."

I've honestly applied this mantra to my life ever since. If you don't see an internship that fits your needs, then create your own. Never underestimate the power of a strongly worded resume and a good pitch. Let people know how passionate you are, and how you could be an asset to their team!

But most important, don't give up. Finding an internship takes time, and you'll probably hear way too many nos. But remember, for every no, there's an even better yes waiting on you.

I hope this bit of advice is super helpful in your search, but if you have any questions or comments drop them in the comments below! Or, shoot me an email ;)

Until Next Time,

Jumpsuit Goals

I never thought I was a culotte girl. I didn't think it'd be a flattering cut on my body type. Then I found this jumpsuit, and I was sold. With it's belted silhouette, and adorable chambray material it's  easy to see why I needed this piece. It's also super easy to move around in. You can even climb a wall or two in it. ;)

Pair this romper with a fun pair of sneakers, wedges or block heels like mine and you're good to go! It's a definite must-have in your closet.

jumpsuit: exact sold out ,  // similar \\  // similar \\ // similar\\
shoes:  originally from Forever 21, but no longer sold  // similar \\  // similar \\  // similar \\
choker:  //exact \\ // similar \\  

Until next time sweet friends,

Making It 101: Jackie Gibbons

When I launched this blog, I knew I wanted it to be more than a fashion blog. I wanted to create inspiring content in hopes of motivating my readers to be the best version of themselves.  This is where the idea for Making It 101 came from. Essentially, I'll sit down with a woman who is successfully navigating her industry, in hopes that she can help girls like me navigate my own.

For this first segment, I sat down with Jackie Gibbons, of the husband & wife, southern soul duo, The Gibbonses. Together we talked comparison, setting your own terms, and the art of the hustle.

Almost It Girl: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Jackie Gibbons: I’m 29, I’ve been married for almost three years, I met my husband six years ago working on a cruise ship. We met working on a cruise ship, in the same band. Before that, I was a musical theater major (at Boston Conservatory), and I did that my whole life. I realized halfway through that it wasn’t for me, but I was in too deep, and I was just like I’ll just go ahead finish, get the degree, and I’ll figure it out afterward. I finished college, then moved to New York to do the whole Broadway thing even though I wasn’t really that into it anymore. Then I found a job working on carnival cruise lines as a singer, which kind of lead me down this path of being a singer instead of a musical theater person.

Almost It Girl: How'd you break into the music scene?

Jackie Gibbons: We moved to Seattle after we worked on cruise ships for a few years… So we moved to Seattle, and we were really struggling to find work as a cover band, which is what we were really trying to do when we moved there. And that’s what really lead us to become a duo, really just out of frustration of not having anyone else to help us be in this band. And the duo, that just kind of fell into play to make sense for us, and that’s what we’ve been doing ever since.

Almost It Girl: How do you balance being a creative entrepreneur, a wife, and a musician all at the same time? 

Jackie Gibbons: I’ve been working on it for years, but I think I only finally figured it out in the last month. It’s new. I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can confidently say I’m an entrepreneur. It took me a long time though, I had a job that I worked remotely when we moved to Texas. I had that job for years, and it gave me that structure I needed. Get up work on the computer for a few hours, then shift gears and go play a show. I quit my job almost a year ago, on July 1st.

Almost It Girl: What was the transition from part-time entrepreneur to a full-time musician like? 

Jackie Gibbons: So I quit, and we immediately went on our first house concert tour. When I got home I was coming off of the high of the tour, and the loss of it being over to everyday life, and I had no job. I had to work on self-motivating and figuring out what I do now that the biggest project I’d do all year was over. I cried a lot, I was a baby and laid in bed until noon. I honestly didn’t get into a real groove until the last six months.

Almost It Girl: What is your advice for making a full life work?

Jackie Gibbons: (On relationships) I’d say if really passionate about something, then marry someone who is equally as passionate about whatever that thing is. You don’t have to be in the same field, you just have to be equally as passionate about what you want to do as I am. So definitely marry the right person. The wrong person will drag you down, or slow you down, or just not be able to celebrate with you when you’re on a high.

 I think structure and regime we’re the two most important things for me when I transitioned from a day job to a full-time musician. Also,  be really communicative. Nowadays, there’s nothing worse than that. Text me back if I text you, email me back if I email you. We are all on our phones all the time, so there’s no excuse. In terms of being a professional entrepreneur, you need to be reliable, and communicable. And above all, always be really, really nice. Even if you don’t want to, always take the high road.

Almost It Girl: How do you get your foot in the door when you're pursuing a creative industry?

Jackie Gibbons:  I would say persistence; I can give you advice on that but I wasn’t the poster child for any of these things. You have to be persistent, and you have to hustle. Also, don’t put too much faith in other people in terms of when they promise you things. 99% of the time it’s going to fall through. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Rely on yourself to get the things done that have to be done, because nobody else is going to care more about your business than you do.

Almost It Girl: I think we all have to learn how to hustle, wouldn't you agree?

Jackie Gibbons: Absolutely, there’s no way around it. It’s a painful process, it sounds so fun in theory. Then it turns out that’s not the fun part at all. That’s like the earth-shattering, humbling part. You have to just push through.

Almost It Girl: And finally how'd you learn to navigate failure gracefully?

Jackie Gibbons: That took me years of going through that phase where you belittle yourself. But you have to pick yourself up when you’re ready.  It’s just a matter of putting in the time, the energy, and settling in because it’s gonna be a ride. You just have to get over that uncomfortable feeling of the highs and lows. Like the higher the highs, the lower the lows will feel. So allow yourself space and time to mentally prepare for the lows. That way they don't pull you down any longer than necessary and you can always keep moving forward.

Hope you enjoyed reading this interview, as much as I enjoyed talking with Jackie. For more information about The Gibbonses, click here 

You should also check out their house concert tour and listen to their music

Until next time,