Curating the perfect Instagram Feed

It's no secret that I love Instagram. I'm all about doing things for the fun pictures that will result. Even if that means going to Target in my pajamas. You can check out that post here! I've also mentioned a couple times what a huge branding nerd I am, so I'm a sucker for a company with a great Instagram. The way I see it, Instagram is like a virtual catalog of your brand. So you want it to catch people's eye, and ultimately leave them wanting to know more about your product or brand. I am by no means a pro, but I thought I'd share with you, my tips to curating the perfect Instagram feed.

1. Find your aesthetic
What makes you stand out? What's unique about your personality, style, or lifestyle? Got it? Perfect, that's what you want to portray through your Instagram. Are you outdoorsy, and like to camp? Post pictures of your favorite sunrise, or your latest hike. Let your natural aesthetic shape the colors you use in your feed as well. For instance, I wear a lot of neutrals, and earth tones so my feed tends to look a little moody. But let your feed be as bright and bold, or as airy and serene as you'd like! Just make sure you're consistent.

2. Find your app
Behind every great Instagram is an editing app, and a feed planning app. A good editing app makes sure all of your pictures have the same look. For me, I use the same filter on all of my pictures so that they all have the same tone. There is a multitude of apps on the market with a wide range of features and prices, but my personal favorite is VSCO. It's free and pretty easy to figure out! As far as feed planners, these are apps that help you make sure your feed is cohesive. You can add pictures to your "rough draft" feed, and play around with the organization until you get it just right! My favorites are Planoly & Plann.

3. Find your posting schedule
Who cares if your feed is gorgeous if you never post! In order to curate a well done Instagram find a regular posting schedule that works for you. Whether that's once a day or several times a day your followers want to hear from you. But remember it's quality over quantity, so don't post just to post. Make sure you're giving your feed your most insta-worthy photos.

Those are all of my tips, but just in case you need a little more inspiration, here are some of my favorite feeds!

Holy feed goals, Esther Baseme has the most darling feed. I look the effortless simplicity of her feed, and how well it's curated. 

Megan Krupka has the most endearing personality, and she's absolutely captured it on her fun feed!

Does Ryanne's feed not just remind you of an Anthropologie catalog?

Tapestry Mag's feed is the stuff my artsy little dreams are made of. (Pls hire me c: )

There isn't a post about Instagram without talking about my precious girl crush Orion Carolo. She is all the goals, feed included. 

And here you go! Happy posting my friends. 

Until next time,

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19 things I learned before 19.

Two days ago I turned 19, and that's pretty crazy. This officially marks the beginning of the end of my last year of being a teenager. And throughout my years as a teen, I think I've picked up a thing or two. So, here are the nineteen things I've learned before 19.

1. No matter how hard you try not to be, you'll always end up being yourself.
2. Don't let anyone tell you your passions are stupid, go after them with all you've got.
3. There will be people in your life who claim they want what's best for you but don't, weed them out. 
4. It's not shallow to like clothes.
5. You're not selfish for needing to put yourself first sometimes. 
6. Don't sacrifice who you are to fit in with people who are temporary.
7. Dance, even if you're bad at it and everyone's watching.
8. Get really comfortable being by yourself.
9. Even though you might still struggle with it, comparison is stupid. 
10. Be open to possibilities; you never know who or what you might find.
11. Hummus is amazing, your mom has no idea what she's talking about. 
12. College will be the best and worst thing that's ever happened to you. 
13. Take lots & lots of pictures, who cares if people think you're being obnoxious. 
14. Wear whatever you like, and stop being so hung up on what people will think.
15. Don't take the bus at night.
16. Having a good cry is good for the soul.
17. You'll have all of your "Come to Jesus" moments in your car, and people will see you. That's fine. 
18. There's nothing wrong with spending lots of time with family. 
19. Be fearless, and make lots of mistakes. 

And there you have it, all of my lessons learned in my nineteen years of life. Here's to many more birthdays, blog posts, and life lessons.

Until Next Time,

I'd Rather Be Sleeping.

I'm a bit of a mess in the mornings, especially when it comes to getting up early. Sometimes I even wish I could just go places in my pajamas. Thanks to The Sleepy Cottage, I might just start.  With their customizable sleep masks, and darling robes no one will even realize you never took off your pajamas. 

I mean adulting is hard enough, who has time for real clothes? These too cute sleep accessories will have you counting down until bedtime. Handmade in Arlington, Texas, The Sleepy Cottage aims to bring a little brightness to your bedtime. 

Looking for the perfect gift for your next slumber party, or bridal party? Sleepy Cottage has got your covered. Or if you're anything like me and just like looking adorable at Target, there's something for you too. 

Both the sleep mask & robe were personalized for this shoot, but click here & here to grab one for yourself! 

Until next time,

A  very special thanks to The Sleepy Cottage for sponsoring this post.

July Favorites.

Can you believe it's already the second day of August? July came and visited, and was out the door before I could even properly greet her. But while she was quick, she did bring some of my new favorite things. So I thought I'd show you. Welcome to my first favorites post!

1. J.Crew Boardwalk Sandals

My first favorite has been these J.Crew Boardwalk sandals. I think I've talked about these on the blog before, but I have been absolutely living for them this month. Because they're made out of a high quality brown leather they go with virtually anything. Another perk is they add just the right amount of intentional casuality to any outfit. I love pairing them with plain white t-shirts, and jean cut-offs. I've linked a couple similar pairs for you below!

here  here  here

2. Stationery

One thing most people can probably agree on is the most fun part about going back to school is buying school supplies. I know it's my favorite. So all month I've been picking up fun little tidbits to put in my bag, or at my desk in my apartment. My favorite places to purchase stationery? Hands down Rifle Paper Co. & Paper Source.

here  here  here
3.My name??

Okay, these one's a bit unconventional. I totally don't mean these in a narcisstic self-absorbed way, but these past few months I've been really obsessed with my name. I've always really enjoyed looking up name orgins, and meanings but this month I've kind of been collecting things with my name on it. Like this huge wooden sign I'm going to hang over my bed in my new apartment. Comment down below if you can relate, let me know I'm not alone! Also, this sign was made for me by a friend who's opening an etsy shop soon! I'll be sure to drop the link as soon as she does!

4.  Lou & Grey 

It's not too often that I get really obsessed with a company. I'm kind of a creature of habit when it comes to the places I like to shop. But reccently I stumbled across Lou & Grey, and I was immediately smitten for their clean lines, and claims of not sacrificing style for comfort. But of course I was skeptical, all over their website is their catchphrase, "so crazy soft," but how soft could it really be? Oh. My. Goodness. I picked up two pieces from the line, the jersey swing dress and the linen shorts. They literally feel like wearing pajamas. But like really cute pajamas you can wear in public. And the branding, ugh so beautiful. (Did I tell y'all I'm really obsessed with branding? I didn't? Well I totally am.) I've linked some of my favorite Lou & Grey pieces below!

here  here  here

That's it for this month! I can't wait to share August's favorites with you in early September!