I'd Rather Be Sleeping.

I'm a bit of a mess in the mornings, especially when it comes to getting up early. Sometimes I even wish I could just go places in my pajamas. Thanks to The Sleepy Cottage, I might just start.  With their customizable sleep masks, and darling robes no one will even realize you never took off your pajamas. 

I mean adulting is hard enough, who has time for real clothes? These too cute sleep accessories will have you counting down until bedtime. Handmade in Arlington, Texas, The Sleepy Cottage aims to bring a little brightness to your bedtime. 

Looking for the perfect gift for your next slumber party, or bridal party? Sleepy Cottage has got your covered. Or if you're anything like me and just like looking adorable at Target, there's something for you too. 

Both the sleep mask & robe were personalized for this shoot, but click here & here to grab one for yourself! 

Until next time,

A  very special thanks to The Sleepy Cottage for sponsoring this post.

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