July Favorites.

Can you believe it's already the second day of August? July came and visited, and was out the door before I could even properly greet her. But while she was quick, she did bring some of my new favorite things. So I thought I'd show you. Welcome to my first favorites post!

1. J.Crew Boardwalk Sandals

My first favorite has been these J.Crew Boardwalk sandals. I think I've talked about these on the blog before, but I have been absolutely living for them this month. Because they're made out of a high quality brown leather they go with virtually anything. Another perk is they add just the right amount of intentional casuality to any outfit. I love pairing them with plain white t-shirts, and jean cut-offs. I've linked a couple similar pairs for you below!

here  here  here

2. Stationery

One thing most people can probably agree on is the most fun part about going back to school is buying school supplies. I know it's my favorite. So all month I've been picking up fun little tidbits to put in my bag, or at my desk in my apartment. My favorite places to purchase stationery? Hands down Rifle Paper Co. & Paper Source.

here  here  here
3.My name??

Okay, these one's a bit unconventional. I totally don't mean these in a narcisstic self-absorbed way, but these past few months I've been really obsessed with my name. I've always really enjoyed looking up name orgins, and meanings but this month I've kind of been collecting things with my name on it. Like this huge wooden sign I'm going to hang over my bed in my new apartment. Comment down below if you can relate, let me know I'm not alone! Also, this sign was made for me by a friend who's opening an etsy shop soon! I'll be sure to drop the link as soon as she does!

4.  Lou & Grey 

It's not too often that I get really obsessed with a company. I'm kind of a creature of habit when it comes to the places I like to shop. But reccently I stumbled across Lou & Grey, and I was immediately smitten for their clean lines, and claims of not sacrificing style for comfort. But of course I was skeptical, all over their website is their catchphrase, "so crazy soft," but how soft could it really be? Oh. My. Goodness. I picked up two pieces from the line, the jersey swing dress and the linen shorts. They literally feel like wearing pajamas. But like really cute pajamas you can wear in public. And the branding, ugh so beautiful. (Did I tell y'all I'm really obsessed with branding? I didn't? Well I totally am.) I've linked some of my favorite Lou & Grey pieces below!

here  here  here

That's it for this month! I can't wait to share August's favorites with you in early September!

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