70s Transitional

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It's honestly been way too long since I've done a style post. I'd love to blame it on a regress in my shopping addiction, but that's not quite true. Here lately I've been really yearning for fall fashion, but Texas isn't exactly on board with the program. No matter how many pumpkin candles I burn, and warm lattes I sip it's still like 80 degrees outside. It's really quite heart-breaking. But nevertheless, I'm determined to make it work.

Since I have my car this year, I've been determined to explore more of Austin. I'm even devoting an entire tab to it in my revamp. (More details soon) So I grabbed one of my friends and we headed down Cesar Chavez St. I'd never really been in the area before so I was pretty surprised by all the adorable little shops dotting the street. There was one called EA/ST that sold the most adorable hand painted cards that definitely still has my heart. 

But for a trip like this, you need to be in something comfortable. Now let me introduce you to my new favorite style of jeans. The cropped flare. The 70s trend has been making a comeback for a bit now, and I'm all over it. I love the look of tucking a simple white t-shirt into super comfy wide legged jeans. I'm a pretty short-legged girl, so I threw on these fun block heels to give me just a little more height. 

Hope you enjoyed the first of many upcoming style posts!

Until Next Time,

Turn Your House Into a Home w/ Trapp Fragrances

I recently moved into my first apartment, and I'm not going to lie it was a bit overwhelming. For one I've never had my own living room, kitchen or laundry room so I had no idea what to do or how to decorate. I remember spending weeks on Pinterest prior to moving in trying to figure out how to perfect the Joanna Gaines' farmhouse aesthetic. I wanted everything to absolutely perfect.

But let's get real, this girl is on a college budget and shiplap can get a little expensive. So I did what anyone in my situation would do and got a little creative. I picked up the pillows and mirrors from Home Goods for all under 30 dollars a piece.

As for the accessories, you might remember those floral arrangements from my launch party post. Well, I had quite a few of them leftover so they've found a new home in my apartment. And the picture frame, which is sadly still empty was apart of a DIY I did for my dorm last year.

Before moving to college, I was a HUGE candle person. I could probably write an entire blog post on my thoughts my favorite candles. It'd be a long one. But for most dorms, and off-campus apartments you're not allowed to burn candles. Not going to lie, that was a crushing blow for me. But my friends at Trapp Fragrances made sure I was taken care of.

If you haven't heard of the brand, Trapp Fragrances is a candle line based in Kansas City, MO. They're committed to using only the highest quality ingredients impeccable fragrance quality. Well in addition to their stellar candles, they've also got a line of room sprays and reed diffusers.  Since I can't burn candles, I absolutely swear by both products.

I keep a Home Fragrance Mist in just about every room of the apartment, with my favorite being the lavender, that I keep in the kitchen. And then for bigger spaces, like the living room, I like to use reed diffusers. Not only do they leave the entire room smelling like your scent of choice, but they're also pretty dang cute.

If you'd like to pick up some of my Trapp favorites for yourself, you can do so at their website or at one of the many retailers near you that carry their products!

Though it's taken some time, and I still haven't gotten everything quite put together yet this little apartment is beginning to feel a little more like home. I can't wait to show you the rest of the space as I finish it.

Until Next Time,

P.S - I didn't link any of the home decor because it's pretty much all from Home Goods. Also, the actual furniture came with the apartment, so no idea where that's from either. So sorry!

P.P.S- A special thanks to my friends at Trapp Fragrances for sponsoring this post. 

August Favorites w/ Token Jewelry

Hey friends! August has come and gone, which is pretty crazy. We're so close to the end of 2017, and that blows my mind. But that does mean it's time for another favorites post. For me August was an incredibly full month, I was finishing up an internship, celebrating my nineteenth birthday, and starting my sophomore year of college. It's been a pretty wild ride. So I only have three favorites this month, but they're such good ones.

1. Mario Badescu Rose Water Facial Spray
Apparently, I am so late to the game with this one, and every girl is already using this. But I'm going to tell you about it anyway. It is so good. I used to use a really basic facial spray from Target, but I soon found it was really drying out my skin. Ever since then I'd been a little hesitant to try another one, but as soon as I found this one I was sold. It's so hydrating and can be used as a setting spray as well. And bonus points for this little bottle only being five dollars at Ulta.

2. Token Jewelry's Sunday Earrings
Just in case y'all didn't know I love Sundays. It's my favorite day of the week, and I gush about it all the time. Let me know if you'd like a post all about my Sunday routine! But anyway, the moment I saw these adorable handmade earrings I knew I needed a pair. Sarah Wilger, who owns the Etsy shop that makes these beautiful, minimalist designs was so incredibly sweet and sent me a pair. Her line has an incredible range from small dainty pieces like these to bold statement pieces. Head on over and check them out here!

3. Max Lucado's Traveling Light
If I'd never told you guys, I love to read. I don't have as much time to do as I'd like but curling up with a book is still one of my very favorite hobbies. A few weeks ago I was wandering through Barnes & Noble and found this book. Essentially it takes the book of Psalms and talks about how God doesn't mean for your life to be full of worry and despair. As someone who's struggled with anxiety, and comparison for so long it's been so sweet to read that my life is meant for so much more. Even if you're not particularly religious it's such a good read.

And that's it! I hope y'all enjoyed this month's favorites. And a special thanks to Token Jewelry for sponsoring this post.

Until Next Time,

Life Update & Instagram Round Up

August has come and gone which is sort of crazy. It's been a whirlwind, I've turned nineteen, started my sophomore year of college, and am living in my first apartment. (More posts about that coming soon). But basically, my life has done a complete 180.

I've been posting a lot about my life on Instagram, but just in case you're not following me on there (you totally should, @autumnksanders)  here's a little update on what's happening with me!

1. I turned 19!
I talked a little bit about my birthday in my 19 things I've learned post, which you can find here. I spent my birthday at a resort in Mexico, which was so much fun and an experience I'm incredibly thankful for. I posted this picture of me enjoying breakfast in bed. Overall nineteen has been incredibly sweet so far. It's not that I feel any older really, but I feel like I'm wrapping something up.

2. I started my sophomore year.
As of like three days ago, I'm officially a sophomore at my dream school, The University of Texas at Austin. It's kind of insane, and time is flying. This picture is technically this was before I went back to school, but you get the point. I spent my last few days before move in trying to soak up all the goodness that is my amazingly kind, courageous high school friends. In this picture is my friend Emily who is one of the most darling people you'll ever meet and continuously inspires me to be better. Sadly she goes to Texas A&M, but no one's perfect.

3. I joined a sorority.
This is probably one of my favorite pictures on my Instagram currently. After lots of thought and heartfelt discussions with my closest friends, I decided to go through sorority recruitment. Honestly going in I didn't have high expectations, I kept waiting to be stressed, feel out of place, or for anxiety. But in actuality, it turned out to be one of the most fun filled, enriching weeks I've ever had. Recruitment really caused me to dig deep, and reflect on who I am as a person. In the end, I chose to become a member of Delta Gamma, and I couldn't be happier with my choice. And as a fun little bonus, two of my best friends are now my sorority sistas!

And that's where I've been these past few weeks. I hope you enjoyed this fun little update on me, and I'll see you all again on Wednesday for my August favorites!

Until Next Time,