70s Transitional

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It's honestly been way too long since I've done a style post. I'd love to blame it on a regress in my shopping addiction, but that's not quite true. Here lately I've been really yearning for fall fashion, but Texas isn't exactly on board with the program. No matter how many pumpkin candles I burn, and warm lattes I sip it's still like 80 degrees outside. It's really quite heart-breaking. But nevertheless, I'm determined to make it work.

Since I have my car this year, I've been determined to explore more of Austin. I'm even devoting an entire tab to it in my revamp. (More details soon) So I grabbed one of my friends and we headed down Cesar Chavez St. I'd never really been in the area before so I was pretty surprised by all the adorable little shops dotting the street. There was one called EA/ST that sold the most adorable hand painted cards that definitely still has my heart. 

But for a trip like this, you need to be in something comfortable. Now let me introduce you to my new favorite style of jeans. The cropped flare. The 70s trend has been making a comeback for a bit now, and I'm all over it. I love the look of tucking a simple white t-shirt into super comfy wide legged jeans. I'm a pretty short-legged girl, so I threw on these fun block heels to give me just a little more height. 

Hope you enjoyed the first of many upcoming style posts!

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