Books, Booties & Bags.

Though I don't think I've talked it much on the blog, I absolutely love reading. There's nothing more therapeutic than curling up with a good book, on a cold afternoon. However since college keeps me busy pretty much 24/7, it can be hard to make time for my favorite pass time. So the other day when a friend & I decided to turn an impromptu blog shoot into a trip to the bookstore, I lept at the chance. 

Every once in a while Texas will give me a glimpse of what it's like to have actual seasons, and I'll get to wear an actual sweater without sweating. This was definitely one of those days, as you can see from all my layers! (This is what layering looks like in Texas at least) So I definitely got to pull out all the stops and tap into my preppier side. Not to mention this L.L Bean Boat & Tote allowed me to buy all the books my little heart desired because this bag literally fits everything. It's definitely a fall favorite. Let me know what your fall staples are!

                                                                 Until next time,

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