What's in my bag?

We're back, friends!!!
As always welcome back to the blog. As you can tell there have been some changes around here. I'm definitely making 2018 the year of the blog, and I really hope y'all can tell how much heart and soul is going into everything I post. 

Since one of my favorite Christmas presents I received was a new Rebecca Minkoff handbag, I thought I'd show you what I keep in my bag. 

1. Japonesque Setting Powder
Though I don't do nearly as many beauty related post as I should, I'm definitely a huge makeup junkie. And as a girl with skin that's a bit more on the oily side, I absolutely swear by this setting powder. It retails for less than 30 dollars and is an absolute must-have in my bag.

2. Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creme
Another makeup product? I told you I was into makeup. So technically I had two of these lipsticks in my bag at the time, but I'll link the nude one up above. Essentially whenever I'm wearing a berry lip, or a nude lip on the blog it's one of these two colors. They're the smoothest application, with a such a long-lasting pigment. Not to mention they smell like marshmallows, so that's always a plus. The berry color is called Copenhagen and the nude one is called Cannes.

3. iPhone 
Okay, raise your hand if you don't leave the house without your phone. Yeah, same here. This one here is pretty explanatory, this girl is definitely a phone addict.

4. Rebecca Minkoff Moonwalking Satchel
My new bag! There are no words to express how head over heels I am for this thing. But I'll try. I've been eyeing this little thing for a while now but wanted to wait until Christmas time before making the investment.  To my pleasant surprise, it went on sale at Nordstrom marked it down like 40%. Naturally, I marched my little butt into Nordstrom and snagged it right away.

5.  Bath & Bodyworks Travel Lotion
Every girl can attest to how annoying it is to shake someone's hand only to release that yours are dry and papery. It's happened to me one too many times, so now I swear by little travel sized lotions. Bath & Body Works is a great place to find them because they have a ton of different fragrances for super cheap.

6. Apple Earpods
Whether it's music, podcast or Snapchat video I feel like you always need a pair of headphones in your bag. I'm still a classic Apple headphone girl, I just can't get behind the whole wireless thing. I'm super afraid of losing them. Especially since I'm the type of girl who just tosses them in her bag. I need wires!

7. A Powder Brush
This one kind of goes with number one. I try to keep a multipurpose makeup brush in my bag just in case I need to touch up anything.  This one is from a Sonia Kaschuk set at Target, but since it's no longer available I've linked an Ulta one I really like.

And though it isn't pictured my Madewell wallet, and my car keys are usually in my bag as well! I hope y'all enjoyed this little peek into my handbag. I can't wait for all the fun new posts I've got coming the rest of the month and in 2018!

Until next time,

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