Ethical Beauty Favorites

As I've grown older, I've tried to become more aware of the products I use and what I put into my body. I strive to use more natural products and try to only buy products that are ethically sourced.
I know at first glance, this task sounds daunting. People often assume you have to go special stores or spend copious amounts of money to buy better. But my all natural beauty favorites are all under 50 dollars, and so easy to find.

1) SopranoLabs Calming Body Oil
Y'all college is stressful, internships are stressful. So if anything can help calm these nerves then I am all about it. And not only is this lavender oil vegan, and cruelty-free but it smells absolutely amazing too. And don't even get me started on that to die for packaging. 10/10 would recommend.

2) Shea Moisture Bamboo Detoxifying Toner
I swear by toners. I definitely wasn't blessed with my mother's flawless skin, so I'm a little bit of a skincare junkie. This toner not only smells amazing but does wonder for my skin.

3) Milk Blur Liquid
I'd been on the hunt for a new foundation for a while now. I really wanted something that looked good but didn't feel insanely heavy. To be honest I've always been infatuated with Milk Makeup's branding and Instagram but never tried any of their products. So when I stumbled across their blurring foundation, I had to try it. And I cannot rave about it more.

So now I've told you about some really amazing products, but what's so special about them?  What's all of the lingo mean?

What does it mean for a product to be fairtrade? When something is fair trade it essentially just means the company you're buying it from ensures their employees were paid a fair wage. This is extremely important because all too often people in third-world counties are exploited to make the products we enjoy.

What's the big deal about buying cruelty-free? So many makeup products are tested on animals and it's so incredibly sad. But luckily many of our favorite makeup brands are cruelty-free and it's easy to avoid the ones that aren't! Here's a master list of some really great cruelty-free cosmetic brands!

I hope this post was helpful and offered some insights into the world of ethical beauty. I am by no means a pro at this, and so far from perfect but if you have any questions or want any recommendations, I'd love to help!

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