Hey Mr. Postman

outfit details:

Confession: I always thought I looked horrible in hats. I used to tell people I didn't have the right face shape for it. But in an effort to pursue fashion choices normally out of my comfort zone I bought a newsboy hat. And truth be told? I love it. I love the way it looks with my shoulder length hair and the way a seemingly simple accessory can elevate an entire look. So, here's how I styled it.

I've recently realized that  I probably like flared jeans more than I like skinny jeans. What a radical notion, I know. But as someone cursed with very short legs, there's nothing like a heeled boot, and flared jeans to make you feel a few inches taller. So since I was already feeling pretty cool in my newsboy hat, I figured why not add some flared jeans and boots. To top it off I snuggled up in this cozy emerald sweater from my favorite boutique, Shop Lux.

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