Velvet dreams

outfit details:

I promised myself that in the new year I'd be less concerned about people's opinions of my fashion choices. Gone are the days of watering myself down to ensure people liked my outfit or gave me compliments. So after mulling it over for a bit, I bought this coat. And my-oh-my am I obsessed. I've always really admired bohemian, 70s inspired fashion, velvets, fur coats, flared jeans, but have been a bit too afraid to try it. Well, I'm a full-fledged fan now. 

I paired this ultra chic coat when velvet pants and a simple black turtleneck to let the jacket really shine.  And I've never felt more myself in an outfit. So not only do I hope this look inspires you when you're getting dressed in the morning, but I hope you feel a little encouraged. Go out on a limb, buy that statement piece because YOU like it.

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