bell sleeve baby

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I've been a sucker for bell sleeves for some time now. So when I saw this sweater,  I knew I needed to snatch it up. It's on major sale right now, so if you love it, then now's the time to grab one for yourself too. It's such a fun piece, and because it's navy it goes with absolutely everything. 

Because my top was such a fun piece, I kept the rest of my outfit simple pairing my favorite jeans with a simple pair of black booties. But can we talk about how much Austin, TX has been showing off lately? My photographer, Paige and I were just wandering around downtown when we came across these adorable white walls, and gorgeous cacti. It definitely made this navy sweater pop.

I hope you enjoyed this fun little outfit post!

Until next time,

Bright Lips for Spring

I don't know about you, but for me, spring starts as soon as January ends. And spring means reviving all those bright pieces I packed away came winter. And the first thing on my list? Bright lip colors. I'm a fan of lipstick all year long, I really pull out my big guns when it warms up outside. So I thought I'd share some of my favorite shades for springtime!

If we're being honest 2/3 of these shades are pink. Pink is probably my favorite lip shade to wear, and I just kind of navigate through the hue year around. So when warm weather rolls around, I take it upon myself to get pretty bold with it. Starting with this first hue

This hue is quite the head-turner. When I first bought this lipstick it was because I notice how amazing it looked on the woman working at my local Ulta. It's the type of lip color you're going to notice, and I'm not going to lie to you at first that totally scared me. But after wearing the shade to an internship interview, in which I got the job, I'm totally obsessed with it.

Another bright pink shade. I did forewarn you though. But to me, It's Happening is a different caliber of pink. This may very well be the brightest lipstick I own, and I am all about it. However, she is a stainer, so make sure you're careful and use a good lipliner. I'd recommend stila's stay all down in Sangria!

I'm a firm believer that red lipstick isn't just for special occasions, and I often wear it casually. And whenever you see me wearing a red lip, there is a 90% chance it's this one. There's something about this shade of red that's really universally flattering. Several of my friends own this shade, and I'd let to see a skin tone it hasn't flattered. Basically, if you need a red lipstick, or are even curious about a red lip I'd recommend this one.

I hope you loved this peek into my favorite spring lip shades!

Until next time,

Unique Minimalist Watches for Valentine's Day

outfit details: sweater | jeans | shoes | watch | earrings
When Valentine's Day rolls around, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut. Maybe your current relationship isn't what you want it to be, or you're single and not feeling the best about it. But I think what we all forget is that it's okay to show yourself a little love this Valentine's.

Stumped on where to start? Treat yourself to a splurge piece. I recently picked up this Free People sweater, and I'm absolutely obsessed. What really drew me to this piece was the colors, I love the way bright pinks look against my skin tone, but I'm always a bit hesitant to wear them. However, with this sweater, the bright shades were paired with slightly more muted colors, giving a nice segway into those spring brights. And did I mention it feels like a cloud?

But aside from my sweater, I'm a big proponent of investing in quality wardrobe staples, like good denim and a nice watch. So when JORD wooden watches reached out to me to try one of their stunning watches, I was all about it. Though I can definitely appreciate a classic, I'm such a fan of choosing items that feel a bit more unique and tailored to my style.  One thing that really set these unique wooden watches apart for other watch brands, is that the watches are crafted from raw wood. Like the one I'm wearing above is made from blond maple wood, so it has this lovely light tan color that nestles perfectly into my wardrobe. I definitely couldn't have called myself a huge watch person before this, but I now wear this piece at least three times a week. 

Additionally, JORD gives you the option to personalize your watch through engravings on the back of the watch or the cedar box. This allows you to add that extra special touch to watch. That way if you're not treating yourself this Valentine's you've still got a super thoughtful gift for that special someone in your life. 

Now, I know after this you're totally obsessed and can't way to scoop one of these up. Well you my friend, are in luck. I am running a giveaway where one winner will receive a $100 e-gift card to spend on any watch of their choosing! All remaining entrants will snag a 10% off coupon. But run, don't walk. You only have until the 11th! Click THIS LINK to sign up!

Good luck, and happy shopping!