A Girl's Guide to Graphics

The hotter it gets in Texas, the more I find myself reaching for graphic tees. Gone are the days of boring run of the mill t-shirts, and give rise to the days of witty, poignant or just fun tops. In case you’re feeling stuck, here are some of my favorite places to buy graphic tees.
  1. Ban.do: This might be one of my favorite places to get graphics. While I was on spring break in Disney World, I basically lived in these tees. Besides being just the right amount of oversized, I usually order a medium for size reference, Ban.do tees are always bright, fun and versatile. My current favorites, this "I did my best" tee and this Permanent Vacation tee. Because let’s be honest, we could all use a permanent vacay.
  1. Daisy Natives: Not only is this brand an Austin local, but they’re the original creators or the “Girls Support Girls” tee. So let’s see, between supporting local businesses, and showcasing my support for my ladies what’s not to love? My current favorites are their new you’re a queen tee and the canceled plans tee. 
  1. Thrifting: So technically this isn’t a store, but it’s one of the cheapest ways to find great graphics. From old school band tees to wonderfully obnoxious old vacation tees, scoping out your local thrift store and vintage shops are a sure-fire way to make sure your tee stands out.
Hopefully, this post gave you a good place to start. Happy shopping!
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