Little Lace Dress

Hello friends! I am back in Austin, and for the past two weeks, my life has been consumed by all things sorority recruitment. But regardless of the crazy hours, and countless times I've door stacked it all felt worth it when we got to greet our new members. At my school, the new members run to the Delta Gamma house in their Sunday best and are whisked into a plethora of hugs and pictures.
It's so incredibly fun to get dressed up to meet our new DGs, so I thought I'd share the dress I wore. So here's the back story. I was at my local mall looking for a navy dress when I somehow ended up in Forever 21. Now, I usually avoid the brick and mortar store like the plague because it's always so crowded and I'm quite claustrophobic. But the fall display caught my eye, and I headed inside anyway.
That's where I found this adorable white mini dress. It definitely reminded me of a similar dress I'd seen at For Love and Lemons that I couldn't bring myself to splurge on. When I checked the price tag and saw that this dupe was under thirty dollars I couldn't help but snag it.

I paired it with a vintage scarf repurposed into a headband and simple jewelry to play up the "Parisian chic" look that's been so on trend this summer. I felt so chic on bid day, and know I'll be wearing this dress well after Labor Day.

Until Next Time,

P.S: If you head over to my Instagram you can shop this look directly using my links. I'm so so excited to finally be apart of the Rewardstyle family and can't wait to share more content with y'all through it! 

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