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Interning is a vital part of being successful in college. Essentially it's the way you get the experience you need to be successful in your first full-time job. Not to mention it's one of the best ways to network, and meet new people. 

Because it's super important to make a good first impression at your internship, I'd dressing to impress. But what you wear to an internship is pretty heavily dependent on your office culture. I've personally had more dressy internships where I'd have to wear dresses or nice pants, and more casual ones where I can pretty much wear whatever.

In my current position as a digital media intern for SXSW, we have a pretty casual work environment. So I usually wear something like this outfit, fun pants, and a nicer shirt. We're allowed to wear jeans but when I do I make sure I wear a dressier shoe or top, because even though it's casual I still don't want to look like I just rolled out of bed. To help you out I've compiled a list of cute and affordable internship wardrobe options!

If you're particularly curious about what I do, I teamed up with College Fashionista & Brahmin to show a day in the life of my internship at SXSW. Today, I'm taking over the CF Insta Stories and bringing y'all with me through a day at the office.

If you dress code is business casual...

If your wardrobe is snappy casual...


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