I took a break from blogging, here's why...

I took a probably like month long break from blogging. I didn't die or anything, honestly I've just been busy. So if you're curious what exactly that entails here's what I've been up to. 

I Started My Junior Year

Basically, school has been pretty hectic. But in a good way, I've been taking classes I've really loved, writing for a lifestyle publication at school, doing things with my sorority (though I haven't been nearly as present there as I'd like to be), and adjusting to living alone.  Which there's a little blog post about that coming soon if you'd like to read all about what that experience has been like!

I've been Interning at SXSW

And that's been quite the experience. In a nutshell, I spend 3 days each week helping SXSW develop all of their digital content. Learning how a major organization communicates their brand across their various social channels has been amazingily benefical and I know this experience will be vital in job hunting post grad.

Spending Time With My Friends

Knowing that I'm graduating in just over a year  has really driven me  to reach out to  friends I haven't spent as much time   with lately. It sounds weirid but knowing that we'll soon be all over the country ftom one another has inspired me to take advantage of the time we have left. To do that  I've tried to put my phone down a little , and really l"live in the moment." Que sera, am I right?

But now that's that, I'm pretty excited for all the content I've got in my arsenal. See  ya soon.


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