Spring Beauty Favorites

About a year ago, I did a post about my favorite beauty products. Well, a lot has changed since then, not only have I turned twenty, which in my head makes me a "little more adult", but I've also started living on my own. So here's what's new on my must-haves list.

1. A Good Fragrance
Personally, I never feel like a good outfit is complete unless I add a few dabs of my favorite fragrance. The scent I wear changes almost daily as I tend to reserve certain scents for "certain moods." For Christmas I received, Chanel No. 5 so when I'm feeling in need of a burst of confidence or am going somewhere special I'll opt for that. Ideally, it'd be my everyday fragrance, but as a college girl who's #ballingonabudget, we're not there yet. I've linked three perfumes at a variety of price points if you're looking for a new scent!

2. An Everyday Lip Color

Okay, this one isn't necessarily new. I've always sworn by lip balms and lipsticks, but recently I've kicked it up a notch. Lately, I've been wearing red lipstick a ton, and not just for special occasions. I'm not sure why I perpetuated the myth that you couldn't wear a red lip casually, but I've definitely stopped subscribing to that idea. It does take a little confidence, but I'm a big fan of throwing on a red lip with a t-shirt and jeans combo. Something about it really elevates the looks and makes me feel a little bit more sophisticated. Here are some of my current favorite red shades.

3. Brow Gel

Though this one is pictured above, I swear by a good brow gel. As someone with naturally sparse eyebrows, it's the one thing I almost never leave the house without. I've used a couple different ones in the past year or so, and personally, I think they all work about the same, so it isn't something I ever plan on spending a ton of money on. But I've linked a couple I really like below!

And there you have it, my top three beauty favorites for spring. Hopefully, you liked this new format I'm trying where I give categories instead of one specific product! As always I'd love any feedback below. 

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