Dealing With Rejection

When I started Almost It Girl, I promised myself I'd do my best I'd keep this blog as real as possible. As much as I love curating my fashion and beauty-related finds for y'all I also want to serve as a beacon of authenticity because let's be honest I don't always have it all together.

Lately, I've been dealing with a lot of rejection. When the school year started, I applied for quite a few opportunities that I was so excited about, but at the moment it doesn't seem like any of those are panning out. And if we're being honest y'all it really sucks.

As someone who prides themselves on trying to be the best version of their self all the time, it sucks to feel like you aren't good enough, to feel like you're not doing enough. It's exhausting when you feel like you're not sure what else you could've given.

For example, there's a summer internship opportunity that I apply for every year, and though I feel like my resume gets better every year I still get the same rejection email.

Add that on top of several other rejections I've gotten the past couple of weeks, and I'm feeling a lot like wanting to quit. But here's the major caveat, I've been getting back up.

Now I can't take credit for this nugget of wisdom because it's something my mom told me when I was going through a minor crisis a couple of semesters ago. She told me...

You can get knocked down 12 times, but all that matters is that you get up 13.

It's been pretty life-changing for me honestly, because she's completely right. Honestly rejection is inevitable, but knowing your worth beyond every point on your resume or every achievement you've made is incredibly freeing.

Hopefully sharing this little nugget of wisdom from my mama helps you if you're dealing with a tough time in your life, or dealing with rejection yourself.

You're amazing, and you've got this.

Until Next Time,

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  1. I loveee what your sweet mama has to say. So so wise and true! I love your heart, dear friend!