A Gal's Guide to Hats

Longtime no see on the blog, but between a couple of trips, projects and such I have been a busy bee. Look for a recap of these trips coming up soon. But before then I wanted to share my favorite spring/summer accessory. Or if we're being honest my favorite any season accessory.

If you've been following me on Instagram, which shameless plug you totally should,  then you'll notice there's been a common theme. I've been wearing a ton of wide-brimmed hats. From straw hats to felt and suede ones they seem to be my accessory of choice lately. 

So I thought I'd share some of my favorite hats and little outfit inspiration to get you on the hat train as well. 

How do I wear hats?
The most common thing I hear when people mention my hats is along the lines of, "I love it, but I can't pull it off." Hats, especially wide brimmed ones are a bit daunting to wear the first time because they draw a lot of attention to your outfit, and to you. But that's okay! Chances are your hat will only be elevating an already darling outfit. But if you're still struggling with exactly how to pair it, try these sticking to these few simple rules.

1. Know your material, know your season.
Felt & Suede hats are designed to for fall and winter so they provide a bit of extra warmth. Opt for these when it's colder out. Straw hats work best for spring and summer, so try to only reach of them when it's warmer out. 

2. Find a hat that fits your head well.
You can do this by getting an exact measurement of the circumference of your head to use when ordering hats online. There's nothing worse than getting a headache from a cute hat that's way too tight. 

3. They're a trial and error endeavor. 
Finding the right hat is kind of like finding the right pair of jeans to me. You'll probably try on 20, but only leave the store with one or two. If the first few hats you try don't work for you then keep trying. There's one out there for you!

Now armed with those tips, here are some of my favorite places to find wide-brimmed hats.

What should I wear with hats?
Honestly, the options are endless. I wear hats with jeans, shorts, dresses you name it and there's absolutely a hat that looks great with it. Because it's been so warm in Texas lately, and I've been on vacation for spring break I've opted for lots of linens, light jeans and dresses lately. Since I've been wearing this hat from ASOS on repeat lately, it's been pretty easy to find different ways to wear it.  

Though that hat is currently out of stock, all of the places I've listed have similar ones available if this is the look you're going for. 

But my main advice is to just go for it! Chances are your hat will look great regardless of what you choose to wear it with. 

So good luck, and happy hatting!

Until Next Time,

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