A Key West Recap

Hi friends!

If you’re tuned into my Instagram, you’ll see that I spent the majority of last week in Key West, Florida. It was an absolute dream vacation, and I thought I’d just take you behind the scenes of that trip. 

When my parents and I landed in Key West, early Friday morning we headed straight to the resort. The Southernmost Hotel & Resort, which was absolutely huge and took up several blocks of the street it was on. It's home to a couple of in house restaurants, and many poolside bars (if that's your jam.) It was host to a fun mix of guests from families to young couples to even a wedding or two. I'd say it was probably the biggest resort on the island.

But that’s also because Key West is such a small island. The whole thing is only 4 miles in diameter. Which to a girl from Texas is absolutely insane. I think my neighborhood at home is longer than 4 miles. But on the plus side, it made getting from place to place super easy, and we only had to take a handful of Ubers. 

Though it might be small, the views in Key West are paramount. Key West is soaked in color. Everywhere you look there were bright buildings, flowers, and landscapes. Though this is going to sound so millennial, it truly is an instagrammer’s paradise. 

But beyond the view, the food was incredible. If you’re a fan of seafood of any kind then you will ALWAYS find a meal in Key West. I without a doubt had some of the best shrimp, scallops, and lobster of my life on this trip. 

Then on top of the views and the food, the people were so kind. I'm a firm believer that people are truly what makes a place special, and I can not say that enough about the Floridians we met. Everyone was always incredibly eager to lend a hand with directions, suggest places to eat or snap a quick picture. 

And since it's not truly a vacation roundup without some recommendations, here are my suggestions for where to stay, what to eat and what to do in Key West!

Where to stay:

What to eat:

What to do: 
Hang out on the beach

And that's it! Hopefully, you enjoyed my take on Key West and it was helpful if you're planning to head there soon! I absolutely could not recommend the city more.

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