Top Tips for Nail Care

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is how I get my natural nails so long. It's always sort of funny to me because I never really thought of myself as having a nail care routine. But when someone asked me about my nails again last night, I really started to think about it. How have I gotten my nails this long?

I think I've finally got it narrowed down to about three things. So here they are!

1. Dip Manicures 

In all honesty, getting dip manis has changed the game for my nails. Essentially instead of gel polish, the nail tech will use a colored powder to coat your nails. It's been essential in helping my nails stay strong, and grow longer. My nails in the picture above were done with dip. If done well it ends up looking just like nail polish. Mine usually last about 3-4 weeks, and I honestly couldn't recommend them more.

2. Collagen 

The second thing I do fairly religiously is adding powdered collagen powder to all of my hot drinks. Essentially what collagen does is work to strengthen your hair, skin, and nails. It's virtually tasteless, and I've definitely noticed a difference in the texture of my nails. They're not nearly as brittle as I feel like they were before and break a lot less often.  Here's the one I use, but I know there are also a ton of great alternatives on the market as well.

3. Get your nails trimmed

This is a pretty similar idea to getting your hair trimmed to make it grow. Basically, every other time I get my nails done I ask my nail tech to use a nail strengthener on the base of my nails then to trip a little off the top. It's usually the top of my nails that start to get straggly or hangnails, so clipping the tops helps prevent further breakage. 

And that's it! Though I recognize my nails are partly just genetics, I hope these few tips are helpful for growing your nails!

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