A Very Festive 21st & Vegas Recap

So if you follow me on Instagram, you know I just celebrated my 21st birthday in Las Vegas. The ultimate place for over 21 shenanigans. It was an absolute whirlwind trip, and I'm incredibly grateful to have been able to ring in my birthday this way. So in true Almost It Girl fashion, I’ve got a recap for y’all.

Trip Details & Where to Stay:

We flew in Friday evening, the day before my birthday so we could get settled in and left the Monday after. We opted to stay at a hotel on the strip, so we could be in the center of the city. My mom actually changed her mind about where she wanted us to stay a couple of times, before ultimately deciding that New York, New York was the place to go. And she was right, I loved it.

If you're not too familiar with the Vegas Strip, many of the hotels have themes. For some, it's a city like Paris or New York, and for others, it's a concept like fauna and growth. So ours was obviously New York City-themed. Which if we're being honest, I expected to be a little cheesy but it was so much fun. The hotel was filled with cute little coffee shops, a New York-style deli, a creperie, and even a roller coaster. Yes, there was a roller coaster that went through our hotel.

As much as we loved our hotel & casino, we spent quite some time visiting other hotels and casinos to essentially see what the hype was about. I feel like after that little tour, I'm pretty qualified to give you some hotel recommendations. I'm kidding, but here are my favorites!

What to Eat:

We did a lot of walking, eating and gambling on this trip so I can't quite give you any show recommendations. But I can send you to some of my favorite places to eat. But first I have to explain my first recommendation. Now traditionally I would not call myself a fan of Taco Bell, but after a long day of walking, we're in the mood for a snack so we wandered into a Taco Bell. And oh my goodness, it was like a club. Two levels, blasting music, frose, it was an absolute experience. So first up, go to the Taco Bell on the strip. Other than that, I spent my birthday celebration at The Sugar Factory, which is a candy shop turned restaurant. I'd heard it was known as a go-to spot for influencers, and celebrities alike, so we had to check it out. The food is good, but the drinks are even better.

And there you have it, my take on spending three days in Vegas, and recommendations for where you should stay and eat! I would've recommended casinos, but I'm honestly not the hugest fan of it. You can, however, gamble at all the hotels I've suggested above!

Happy traveling!

Until next time,

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