My Best Podcast Recommendations

Like most people, I'm obsessed with podcasts. They've become an integral apart of my daily routine, from when I'm driving to internships or class, or just trying to get some studying done. But when I bring them up, the one thing I've heard most often is that most people have no idea where to start. So I've rounded up a couple of my favorites by genre in hopes to make a podcast junkie out of you all as well.


In our 24/7 news cycle, keeping up with everything is hard. So to get my daily fix, I turn to this first batch of podcast to give me what I need to know, quickly. I try pretty hard to get my hard news from relatively unbiased sources, and then turn to my favorite commentators to hear their takes after I've got a hood grasp of the information.

The Daily

This is the daily, no pun intended, podcast from The New York Times. I'm a big fan of this one because it delves deeper into a single event or issue in each episode. Complete with really interesting interviews and packed with a ton of information everyday, it's a must listen for me.

NPR Up First

NPR UP First is really great if you only have about 10 minutes, and just need a quick overview of what's going on around you. They aren't as detailed in this podcast, which I personally don't mind because I use other podcast for that. But if you'd just like to earn those current event points, or want to know what the heck everyone is talking about at dinner then this one's for you.

Today Explained.

This is another one of those deep dive podcasts, but instead of NYT it's from Vox. I've added this one to the list because not only does it cover hard news, but there's also some really cool episodes on things like blockchain that taught me a ton. Bonus points for the host's dad jokes.

True Crime

When I'm not listening to news podcast, odds are I'm probably listening to true crime. For all my fellow Law & Order and Criminal Minds enthusiasts, here are my favorite true crime podcasts. 

Crime Junkie

This might be my favorite podcast ever, and I look forward to listening to it every Monday. The host Brit & Ashley dive into a new murder, crime or missing persons case every week and it is a delight. Not only are they always incredibly interesting, but their palatable enough that I find myself replaying old episodes as well.

Not Another True Crime Podcast

If you're a fan of true crime, but would like a podcast a bit lighter in tone then this one is for you. Though these host discuss a new crime each week, they do it with a lot of laughs and a good glass of wine. A must listen as well!

Fun Listens

Royally Obsessed 

If you been a reader for a while, then you'll know I've got a certain mild obsession with the royal family, especially Meghan and Kate. So when I stumbled across this podcast, I was instantly hooked. Each week, while sipping on a royal refreshment, the hosts take you through what's new with the royals. This could be anything from fun outfits they wore that week, to their new charity endeavors. Its super fun and a nice break from news or true crime.

TED Talks

Most people are pretty familiar with Ted Talks. This podcast essentially just a ton of Ted Talks all in one place, and a new one is added daily. With topics ranging from business to mindfulness every time I listen to this podcast I feel just that much smarter.

Okay, I know that was a ton of recommendations but hopefully this gave you somewhere to start! I can't wait to keep sharing lifestyle post on here soon.

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