How to Support Your Local Coffee Shop during COVID-19

Life has changed quite a bit since the last time I wrote a blog post. For starters, I, like many others are in social distancing. Pretty much everything in the city of Austin has been forced to close, my last semester of college classes have been moved online and things seem a bit bleak. But this period of forced isolation has also put a couple of things in perspective for me. Just how much I love coffee dates.

Though I like to call myself homebody, there's nothing I love more than chatting with a friend over a latte, or in my case a chai tea latte. But with everything going on, that's not an option right now. Which though I understand, makes my heart hurt for my favorite coffee shops. So I've compiled this list of how we can help.

1. Follow your favorite coffee shop on Instagram & share their posts.
This is a great way to spread the word about your favorite shops, and show your support without spending any money. Here are a couple of my favorites that you should give a follow.

2. Order a latte to-go or get one delivered. 
If you're feeling well, see if you can pop into a drive-thru, or get a latte to go. I'm sure your favorite coffee place will appreciate it. If you can't grab one to go, see if  Favor or UberEats can deliver you your drink of choice. Most locals shops have free delivery right now.

3. Grab their merchandise. 
Does your favorite shop have adorable tee shirts or cute stickers? Now's the perfect time to grab one for yourself, or a couple to give as gifts. Look at it this way, it's another shirt to add to your collection of cozy quarantine clothes. 

4. Get a gift card.
We won't be in quarantine forever, so why not grab a gift card to go visit when we're out? Consider it a gift to your future self. Just like ordering something online and being pleasantly surprised when it comes in the mail. 

I hope you find these tips super helpful, and I'd love to know what y'all are doing to support your favorite local businesses in this trying time. Good luck & stay healthy!

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