My Favorite Low Cost Beauty Products

Hi friends, long time no see! I've been a little quiet on the blog as I've been finishing up my last semester of college. I'll be 100% honest, it was a hard one. But now that I'm done, I have so many fun ideas for content that I can't wait to bring to the blog. I hope you don't mind seeing a lot more of me!

First up, I want to share some of my favorite low-cost skincare essentials. I'll preface this with a little background about my skin. I've never had particularly bad skin, I usually only break out more during my menstrual cycle or when I'm stressed. However, I do have pretty combination skin, with an oily forehead but a very dry t-zone. So when shopping for skincare I usually have a pretty diverse set of needs, I want something hydrating, but not oily, I want something that's not harsh but can clear the occassional blemish... You name it, I probably need it. But I'm sure as you all know skincare is expensive. I don't want a skincare routine that completely breaks the bank, so I like to mix higher end serums with some less expensive staples. Here are those less expensive staples!

1. Accure Brightening Cleasing Gel
Okay, I used to go through cleansers like nobody's business. I was always trying a new one but never finding anything I loved. Then after losing my luggage on my birthday trip to Las Vegas last year I bought this one of a whim. I've never really heard of the brand, but it was the most natural product I saw. Turns out this cleanser is incredible. It doesn't leave a weird residue on your face and smells incredible. You can grab it at Target for only 9.99!

2. Accure Seriously Soothing SPF Day Cream
Moisturizers and cleansers were in the same boat for me. I'd tried super cheap ones, really expensive high-end ones and everything in between. I didn't love any of them. But when I was rebuying my cleanser, this was suggested to me as something I might like. I was out of moisturizer, so I bought it. I'll admit the first time I tried it, I didn't think I'd love it. But the more times I used the more I loved the way my face felt afterward. It's even better because it's less than $20 at Target.

3. The Ordinary 100% Cold Pressed Marula Oil
This product is actually a really great dupe for the Drunk Elephant Marula Oil which I used for a while and loved. However, I didn't love paying $40 every time I ran out of it. After some research on alternatives to marula oil, I found this one from The Ordinary. It's literally the exact same thing but way cheaper. I stick this stuff on my t-zone at night and wake up with refreshed skin.

4. Trader Joe's Watermelon Overnight Face Mask
This product has convinced me there's nothing you can't get from Trader Joe's. This product is good y'all. Trader Joe's has a ton of watermelon stuff out right now and I'll be honest I bought most of it. Though I don't really like real watermelon, I love anything watermelon scented or flavored. When I bought this mask, even though I knew I'd love the scent I didn't think I'd be wild about the product itself. I was very wrong. Essentially you slather this mask on before bed then wake up with the most incredible healthy glow. And get this, it's only 6.99.  I also thought I'd add that I read that this mask was a great dupe for the Glow Recipe Watermelon Mask, I've never tried it but if you're interested, try this one!

And those are all of my recommendations! I hope you get to try out a couple, I promise you they really are great!

Until Next Time,

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