Pink Strawberry Pie

It's no secret that I love the color pink. From pink clothes to pink drinks, I'm all about it. So when I stumbled across a photo of a pink pie I was absolutely inspired. So today, I'm sharing my recipe for pink strawberry pie!

- 2 Pie Crusts (Pre-made or made from scratch)
- 1/3 cup of brown sugar
- 1/3 cup of white sugar
- 1/4 cup corn starch
-  6 cups of strawberries cut in fourths
-  1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
- 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
- 1/4 teaspoon of salt
- pink food coloring of your choice
- 9.5-inch pie pan

Step One: Dye your pie crust
Take your pie crust and roll into a ball, add a few drops of pink food color. Knead the color into the dough by pulling it apart and pushing it back together. Repeat this process until the dough has turned a light pink. Roll out one of your pie crusts and place it in your pan. Set the other to the side.

Step Two: Make your pie filling 
In a large bowl combine strawberries, both sugars, corn starch, lemon juice, cinnamon, and salt. Stir until strawberries are completely coated. Pour contents into the pie crust. Do not pour in excess juice if you have it as it will just make the pie soupy.

Step Three: Making & placing lattice. 
Roll out your second pie crusts and use a knife or pizza cutter to cut into even strips. Aim for about 2 inches. Place about five strips across your pie horizontally. Try to use every other strip. Take your remaining strips and weave through vertically in an alternating pattern. Cut away excess dough.

Step Four: Baking
Apply an egg wash and bake at 400 degrees for twenty minutes then at 375 degrees for twenty more minutes. Let cool and enjoy!

And that's it! I've really been enjoying posting fun recipes, so I hope you enjoy this one too!

Until Next Time,

My New Puppy + Puppy Essentials!

Hi friends, if you follow me on Instagram you'll have noticed a new furry face popping up here and there. This is my sweet new puppy Charleston, or Charlie for short. 

All about Charlie

Charlie is a 9 week old shorkie, which means he's half Shih Tzu and half Yorkshire Terrier. He's about 3 lbs right now but you'd never know it by the sheer amount of personality crammed into his little body. When he's not running around the house, he's figuring out the next thing he can climb on
or bite.

What's it really like having a puppy
I'm going to be 100% honest with y'all, it's hard. Charlie used to wake up at 3:00 in the morning and then again at 6am. He sometimes gets pretty bitey and most things I've tried haven't really worked. He's only about 60% potty trained so I also clean up my fair share of accidents. Not to mention its definitely very expensive. From buying food, to vaccines, to all the little random things I'd never realized a dog would need it's a lot.

But, he's also made me more discplined, more understanding and so much more patient. I won't say there haven't difficult moments, but I will say he makes it worth it. My best advice to any new dog parent is first to strive for routine, getting up at the same time, lunch at the same time etc. Then secondly, wait until you have the time to devote to training. This is advice I definitely wasn't willing to listen to at first, but I'm so glad I did. Charlie definitely takes up all of my attention.

Puppy Essentials
When I found out I was getting a puppy, I was super overwhelmed at all the things I could and should buy. I tried to look up lists but if we're being honest there are so many things those lists left out that I definitely use on a regular basis for Charlie. So I though I'd round up the top ten things I use everyday for Charlie.

Keep in mind these are things that I've bought for my extra small puppy. You'll definitely have to make adjustments depending on your dog size and breed. If you have any questions about shorkies or raising a puppy I'd love to answers your questions! Although I've only been a dog mom for two weeks now.

I hope this post was helpful and gave you a little insight into what my life is like as a dog mom!

Until Next Time,

Black Food Creators I Love

If we're being honest, food is definitely the easiest way to my heart. I love to eat, I love to cook and I spin way too long hunting down a new recipe to try for dinner. Well because I'm such a foodie, I love following creators in the food space. My Instagram feed is cluttered with everyone from chefs to food bloggers. So in my second post about amplifying melanated voices, I'm sharing my favorite black food creators.

My mom is absolutely obsessed with Jocelyn and is always finding inspiration from her cookbooks and newsletters. She cites her grandmother as one of her biggest cooking inspirations and strives to make food that makes people feel loved. One scroll down Jocelyn's feed showcases how absolutely true that goal she remains. Not only are her recipes delicious, but they're also absolutely beautiful. I mean just look at this strawberry pound cake. My mouth is already watering

Kardea Brown of Delicious Miss Brown.                                                 

I'll never not stop and watch Delicious Miss Brown whenever it pops up on my Food Network channel. Kardea is the most joyful South Carolina girl. Her television show surrounds all the absolutely delicious traditionally southern recipes she makes in her gorgeous Charleston home. Everything from picnic-ready pastries to tacos that are to die for. She's so down to earth and incredibly relatable. You should follow her and watch her show!

I wanted to make sure that I was adding people to this list that had roles in food that were a bit unconventional. Benjamina is not only a baker but a cookbook author and food stylist. I've always thought food stylists were the absolute coolest. I've spent hours watching youtube videos of food styling because at its core it's truly an art form. Now just when you thought Benjamina couldn't get any cooler, she's an alum of The Great British Bake Off! Now you've got to give her a follow. 

Ajiri isn't necessarily a food influencer, but her business is completely wrapped around food and beverage. She is the curator of an incredible vintage shop that specializes in French-inspired table wear. Though she doesn't make food nothing makes me want to bake a cake more than scrolling through her shop. She's absolutely worth the follow. 

And that's that! I hope you enjoyed this second iteration of amplifying melenated voices. I'm happy so much fun curating these for y'all. 

Until Next Time,

A Summertime Cocktail Hour

I've always been a big fan of picnics, some of my friends even refer to my entire aesthetic as "always ready for a picnic." No matter what you're eating there's something so special about grabbing your favorite picnic blanket and spreading out in a bed of grass. 

Though I've had picnics for years, I've added a new addition this past year...cocktails! In the photo above I invited my sweet friend Donyea over for a strawberry watermelon infused rose and a little charcuterie board. We had the best time sprawling out and indulging in the perfect summertime drink.

The cocktail was super easy to make, so I thought I'd share the recipe with y'all! And guess what? If reading isn't your thing, there will be an IGTV video of the recipe too! I absolutely love whipping up fun food and drink items, and I can't wait to show y'all more of what I've been cooking. 

Strawberry Watermelon Infused Rose

1/2 cup fresh or frozen watermelon
1 cup fresh strawberry 
1/3 cup fresh mint. 
1 bottle of sparkling rose 
1 bottle of still rose.

1. Chop all fruit into small pieces, ideally the smaller the better. 
2. Pull your mint springs from their stems.
3. Combine both types of rose in a large pitcher.
4. Add in your fruit and stir into your rose mixture.
5. Add in your mint.
6. Allow fruit to infuse in the fridge for at least one hour.

I hope y'all enjoyed this fun picnic inspiration and cocktail recipe! 

Until Next Time,

Black Fashionistas I Love

I could spend hours perusing through Pinterest looking for inspiration. From fashion to beauty it's so helpful to have a place to turn to when I have no idea what to wear or how to do my hair. Which is why I thought I share some incredible ladies who's Instagram feeds are totally Pinterest worthy. 


Venita Aspen 

If we're being honest, I kind of want to be Venita. She's a drop dead gorgeous model/creative agency owner living in Charleston, SC. Venita's aesthetic is this incredible combination of feminine meets whimisical and I always look forward to seeing what outfit she puts together next. I'd say she's a must follow if you love all things bright, feminine and southern. 


Megan Pinckney

Another incredible South Carolina girl. Megan's Instagram bio reads, "A lady first and foremost." This is so incredibly evident in her personal style. Everytime Megan's posts I feel the need to add a new dress to my closet or swipe on some lipstick. Megan's feed is full of snapshots of her previous travels, her visits to the cutest business in South Carolina and adorable moments with her fiance. 

Tomi Obede

Beauty, brains and a total girl boss. Tomi, which is pronounced like homie, is a social media strategist blogger living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Between sharing her casual chic style and cute snaps of her and her husband, Tomi advocates for diversity in the influencer space. Though our style isn't exactly the same, she adds so much more to Instagram feed than just pretty pictures. A follow you absolutely won't regret. 

Onyi Moss

I found out about Onyi's feed from a couple of my friends and I couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised. Onyi has one of the most incredible feeds I've ever seen. Now only are the colors and photography great but her style is out of this world. She wears the most incredible dresses and accessories. Not to mention her travel snapshots look like they're straight out of Conde Nast Traveler. If your're looking for inspo of any kind then Onyi is your girl!

I hope you enjoyed this post as I'm so excited to announce that it's just the beginning of a weekly series I'll be doing to share other black creators I think y'all will adore as well. 

Until Next Time,