Black Fashionistas I Love

I could spend hours perusing through Pinterest looking for inspiration. From fashion to beauty it's so helpful to have a place to turn to when I have no idea what to wear or how to do my hair. Which is why I thought I share some incredible ladies who's Instagram feeds are totally Pinterest worthy. 


Venita Aspen 

If we're being honest, I kind of want to be Venita. She's a drop dead gorgeous model/creative agency owner living in Charleston, SC. Venita's aesthetic is this incredible combination of feminine meets whimisical and I always look forward to seeing what outfit she puts together next. I'd say she's a must follow if you love all things bright, feminine and southern. 


Megan Pinckney

Another incredible South Carolina girl. Megan's Instagram bio reads, "A lady first and foremost." This is so incredibly evident in her personal style. Everytime Megan's posts I feel the need to add a new dress to my closet or swipe on some lipstick. Megan's feed is full of snapshots of her previous travels, her visits to the cutest business in South Carolina and adorable moments with her fiance. 

Tomi Obede

Beauty, brains and a total girl boss. Tomi, which is pronounced like homie, is a social media strategist blogger living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Between sharing her casual chic style and cute snaps of her and her husband, Tomi advocates for diversity in the influencer space. Though our style isn't exactly the same, she adds so much more to Instagram feed than just pretty pictures. A follow you absolutely won't regret. 

Onyi Moss

I found out about Onyi's feed from a couple of my friends and I couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised. Onyi has one of the most incredible feeds I've ever seen. Now only are the colors and photography great but her style is out of this world. She wears the most incredible dresses and accessories. Not to mention her travel snapshots look like they're straight out of Conde Nast Traveler. If your're looking for inspo of any kind then Onyi is your girl!

I hope you enjoyed this post as I'm so excited to announce that it's just the beginning of a weekly series I'll be doing to share other black creators I think y'all will adore as well. 

Until Next Time,

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