Black Food Creators I Love

If we're being honest, food is definitely the easiest way to my heart. I love to eat, I love to cook and I spin way too long hunting down a new recipe to try for dinner. Well because I'm such a foodie, I love following creators in the food space. My Instagram feed is cluttered with everyone from chefs to food bloggers. So in my second post about amplifying melanated voices, I'm sharing my favorite black food creators.

My mom is absolutely obsessed with Jocelyn and is always finding inspiration from her cookbooks and newsletters. She cites her grandmother as one of her biggest cooking inspirations and strives to make food that makes people feel loved. One scroll down Jocelyn's feed showcases how absolutely true that goal she remains. Not only are her recipes delicious, but they're also absolutely beautiful. I mean just look at this strawberry pound cake. My mouth is already watering

Kardea Brown of Delicious Miss Brown.                                                 

I'll never not stop and watch Delicious Miss Brown whenever it pops up on my Food Network channel. Kardea is the most joyful South Carolina girl. Her television show surrounds all the absolutely delicious traditionally southern recipes she makes in her gorgeous Charleston home. Everything from picnic-ready pastries to tacos that are to die for. She's so down to earth and incredibly relatable. You should follow her and watch her show!

I wanted to make sure that I was adding people to this list that had roles in food that were a bit unconventional. Benjamina is not only a baker but a cookbook author and food stylist. I've always thought food stylists were the absolute coolest. I've spent hours watching youtube videos of food styling because at its core it's truly an art form. Now just when you thought Benjamina couldn't get any cooler, she's an alum of The Great British Bake Off! Now you've got to give her a follow. 

Ajiri isn't necessarily a food influencer, but her business is completely wrapped around food and beverage. She is the curator of an incredible vintage shop that specializes in French-inspired table wear. Though she doesn't make food nothing makes me want to bake a cake more than scrolling through her shop. She's absolutely worth the follow. 

And that's that! I hope you enjoyed this second iteration of amplifying melenated voices. I'm happy so much fun curating these for y'all. 

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