Apt 805: The Mood Board

 This time next month, I'll be standing in my very first apartment. Well, my first non-college apartment. And y'all, I am excited! I've spent the past few months, dreaming, designing, and preparing for my upcoming move. 

So for the first post of my series about my new apartment, I wanted to share my design mood board. If you've been following the blog or my Instagram, you'll know I have an affinity for warm colors. My style is an interesting mix of feminine, bohemian, and midcentury modern which I'm hoping will carry throughout the space.

I've purchased the majority of my large pieces, like my bed, my accent chair, and a fabulous orange couch. It's not exactly like the one pictured above, but it is similar and will act as an anchor for the apartment's entire color scheme. Get ready for lots of blush, coral, orange, and gold!

My plan is to share new pieces as I find them, and update the series as I get closer to completing my apartment. I'm so excited to take you along on this journey into adulthood. 

Until Next Time,

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