Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration


One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is getting dressed up to go hang out in the kitchen. With everything going on with COVID, and my own diagnosis, my family is keeping it very lowkey this year. Because of this, I knew I didn't want to go out and spend a ton of money just to hang out with my parents. and I figured you probably don't want to either. So I've rounded up two super cute outfits to put your best foot forward while you're putting that pie in your mouth.                                                            

    Cozy Cutie

Cozy might be one of my very favorite words. Probably because it's my favorite way to be. For this outfit, I threw on my favorite jeans and paired them with these Madewell mules because they're easy to slip on and incredibly versatile. Not to mention they're on an incredible sale right now. Pro tip: High-waisted pants do a great job at hiding your food baby.

Outfit Details:

The Boho Blair Waldorf

This dress is the most comfortable thing, while still making you look extremely put together at a super affordable price point. So in my book, this dress is a no brainer. I call this look the Boho Blair Waldorf because it's the perfect mix of flowy enough to eat your body weight in pie and being ready for your close up. 

I hope these two simple fits serve as some inspiration for your Thanksgiving festivities, no matter how small they may be.

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