What's Almost It Girl

I'd like to think Almost It Girl is the girl that hasn't gotten it all together yet. The girl who's on the way to making things happen for herself. For the most part, Almost It Girl comes from the stage of life I'm in.
More than anything Almost It Girl is my pursuit of authentic storytelling. Whether that's showing you fashion pieces that really captivate me, or showing you what music I'm listening to or sharing the journeys of women who inspire me. 
Hopefully, my little slice of the internet will serve as some inspiration to you as well. If so, I'd greatly love to hear from you!

Who's the girl behind the blog?

I'm Autumn, a Dallas native who just landed her first job as a book publicist. I'm currently in the process of moving into my first apartment and figuring out how to adult in Dallas, TX. When I'm not working or chasing around my pup, you can find me in pursuit of a great deal, good food, and even better cocktails.

If you have any more questions for me, you can find me on Instagram or Twitter or shoot me an email.

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